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About Us

               Spirit of Excellence

Spirit of Excellence was founded in 2013 by Mark & Kerry.  It is a family run wedding car hire business which hires out a beautiful silver Rolls Royce Phantom over London and the home counties.

Back in 2013 we purchased our first silver Phantom which had a seashell white coloured leather interior with complimentary piano black wood.  You will see many pictures of her across our website at lovely locations.

After four years of gracing fabulous events it was time for us to invest in the newer model, the Rolls Royce Phantom II, which we proudly took delivery of at the end of November 2017. She is jubilee silver, with the same seashell white interior.  As the winter weather improves we will be sure to add more pictures of our new baby!

Mark has been involved with Rolls Royce for over 20 years and took up chauffeuring back in 2009 with a company called iChauffeur.  After building up 4 years of experience, it was then that we decided to branch out on their own, and with Mark's chauffeuring skills and Kerry's office skills we have built up the company with the reputation it has today.

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